Deadly Design

I’m so looking forward to 2015 and the release of my YA thriller, Deadly Design!

Though identical twins, Connor and Kyle couldn’t be more different. Star of the track team, valedictorian, and all-around golden boy, Connor has always overshadowed his sarcastic loner brother Kyle. Though identical, the brothers were born two years apart to help better their chances of survival. Kyle always thought being born second meant he was the unlucky one, that is until kids conceived at the same fertility clinic start dying on their eighteenth birthdays. Now Kyle has two years to find the elusive Dr. Mueller, who not only created them, but who genetically manipulated them, turning them into virtual gods.

In a race against time, Kyle sets off to find the missing doctor and to unlock the secrets hidden in his genetic code, because eighteen isn’t long enough. And he doesn’t want to be yet another perfect, blue-eyed corpse.

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